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Have you had a traffic accident? An awkward moment for everyone. With our excellently trained team, we will help you to assert all claims for damages to which you are entitled. If you did not cause the accident, the lawyer is free of charge for you - the liability insurance of the other party involved in the accident will cover the costs.

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Matthias Becker

Specialist lawyer for traffic law

Your right in traffic

After a traffic accident, it is often not easy to think clearly again and to process the stress you have experienced. Nevertheless, you are often confronted with legal questions that still confront you with the accident. In such situations, insurance companies in particular are always looking for new ways to pay as little as possible and thus save costs. However, as your lawyer for traffic law, we defend ourselves against this negligent behavior and ensure that you receive appropriate financial compensation.

We are your contact in the event of a traffic accident.

Perfectly secured in traffic law disputes

In our office, we represent you in the best possible way, even in the event of ambiguity about who is at fault for the accident, in order to ensure that the facts of the case are completely clarified. As a lawyer for traffic law, we also rely on the burden of proof and do not allow any assumptions about the overall assessment. In this way, after a traffic accident, you can regenerate yourself so that you are not confronted with insurance and legal questions after a short time.

It can also be particularly stressful if you are involved in a hit-and-run case. Identifying the owner of the vehicle involved often requires concentrated and consistent work that would hardly be possible without the support of a specialized lawyer. As a reliable partner, we take care of these tasks completely for you, so that you, as our client, are fully legally protected.

Traffic law issues

We are your representative for all road traffic problems and disputes and protect you from disproportionate and unjustified obligations. As specialist lawyers for traffic law, we know the numerous details and niches of the road traffic regulations (StVO) and are a real relief for you in every situation. If you wish, we will of course also obtain appropriate compensation so that you receive financial compensation for the duration of the proceedings and the loss of profit during this time.

Convince yourself and contact us with traffic law questions. You can fully rely on our support, i.e. you always have a reliable contact at your side. Just give us a call on 0511 / 763 99 40 and tell us about your concerns.

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We are your reliable partner in all questions of traffic law.