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Criminal defense is a highly sensitive topic for us. Offenses such as bodily harm, drug offenses or capital crimes such as murder are on our daily agenda. Our goal is to work out the best possible defense strategy for you with the help of our specialized criminal defense lawyers and to achieve the best possible result for you.

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Respond to false accusations

In criminal law, too, it can happen that you are wrongly accused due to incorrect investigations. In any case, you must be proven guilty.

For example, an arrest resulting therefrom is illegal. The same applies to a search of your home, which requires a firm search warrant from a judge. If this is not available, your apartment may not be entered without authorization.

However, should such a situation arise, we will of course be at your side with our law firm as a lawyer. In criminal cases, the presumption of innocence always applies, according to which a wide variety of cases can be classified. With our experience, you can therefore be sure that you will not be unjustly arrested or imprisoned for a long time.

Your attorney for violent crime

In addition to such situations during the ongoing investigation, we are also available to you as a criminal defense attorney. In the case of violent crimes in particular, it is important to negotiate the prison sentence as precisely as possible and to get the best out of the mostly fatal situation. If you are innocent, we will certainly be able to prove this in court, so you don't have to worry.

A good protection against economic crimes

In the case of economic crimes, such as tax evasion or delay in insolvency, we are the right contact for you and try to achieve the best possible result as a support for every criminal law problem.

For this reason, we are always at your side as your lawyer, in order to obtain a judgment that is as fair and positive as possible in your favour. With our help, you are optimally represented and can rely on modern legal protection. For this reason, we try to find the right solutions in economic matters in order to provide you with the necessary approaches in court.

If you have problems, contact us as your criminal defense lawyer from Hanover for all of Germany and convince yourself of our skills. With a focus on criminal law matters, we are always at your disposal and will find the perfect solutions. In our function as a lawyer for criminal law, we meet our clients directly at eye level and ensure a professional defense. If you have any questions, please call us on 0511 / 763 99 40 so that you can make an appointment in our office.

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