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A sensitive topic that we are happy to take on. Problems between tenants and landlords can sometimes escalate very quickly. It is precisely in such cases that we advise you to seek legal assistance. Whether it is a termination, a rent reduction or an eviction action, we know exactly what to do.

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Rent increases

In tenancy law, it is crucial to find fair compromises. Rents continue to rise, especially in inner cities, making it more difficult for people to make a living. It becomes problematic when a rent increase is justified with alleged services that are not actually provided. Large housing associations in particular use these tricks, but as a client of our law firm, you can protect yourself against them in the best possible way.

Modernizations in particular are often a means of increasing rental costs and thus also increasing the general burden. Even if the costs cannot be passed on directly to the tenant, this can of course be done without any problems by increasing the rent accordingly. With a more detailed examination of the rental agreement, however, we can often ensure that such price changes become ineffective and you can continue to live in the house or apartment under the previously agreed conditions.

Ideally protected against unjustified dismissals

Of course, it can be very annoying and a bit surprising when the cancellation ends up in the mailbox overnight. Against this background, we promise our clients to approach the problem with the necessary calmness and professionalism and to eliminate legal difficulties. Lawyers usually have the right instinct when it comes to pointing out an invalid and incorrectly pronounced termination of the tenancy.

In the event of termination, we will of course accompany you through the process. As a rule, however, this can be avoided if both parties come together in tenancy law and reach an out-of-court agreement. Of course, we will also support you in this and help you in the best possible way with residential property law.

Your contact for all legal problems

As a lawyer for tenancy law in Hanover, we attach great importance to a fair solution in each case. For this purpose, depending on the situation, we will be happy to consider a rent reduction or even a complete cessation of rent payments, so that you can rely on our work with a focus on tenancy law. We are your experts in residential property law and will personally support you on this basis in every matter.

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