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The employment lawyers at KANZLEI DURAN support you with all questions and concerns in the field of employment law - regardless of whether you are an employee or an employer. In hardly any other area of ​​law is the individual argumentation and the communication of one's own starting position in judicial or extrajudicial disputes so important as in employment law. The work of a lawyer is of particular importance here.

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severance pay in labor law

A severance payment is a one-off special payment that an employee receives from their employer upon termination of employment as compensation for the loss of their job and the associated earning potential.

In principle, there is no entitlement to payment of a severance payment. An exception exists if there is a contractual basis for this. Severance pay regulations can be found, for example, in company agreements, collective agreements or in the employment contract between employer and employee. Severance payment regulations can also be agreed in termination or liquidation agreements. In addition, the employer can link a termination for operational reasons directly to the payment of a severance payment.

In principle, employees and employers are free to agree on the amount of the severance payment. As a rule, however, half to one full monthly salary is agreed for each year of employment. The amount of the severance payment depends on the chances of success of the termination and the negotiating skills of the parties. If the employer and employee have agreed on a severance payment, the payment is usually not due immediately, but only when the employment relationship ends. The payment is therefore often only made after the agreement.

Warning and dismissal protection

Have you received a warning that you believe is legally invalid? There are personal reasons behind many warnings, but these are not an effective prerequisite for subsequent termination. We are therefore happy to carry out a precise and individual examination of the warning and point out all legal bases to you and the person responsible.

In the case of dismissal, the shock is often even greater, as this can really mess up your life in one fell swoop. As your lawyer, we undertake a precise and complete examination in the event of a termination. If the misconduct is demonstrably not your fault, we will ensure fair compensation or even a complete reversal of the entire termination.

Employment law advice
for employees

Labor law plays a special role for employees. In particular, the loss of a job (keyword: termination) means the loss of an important economic pillar and the search for a new job is not always easy. The law firm Duran from Hanover supports you in the following areas, among others

It is important for you as an employee to know your rights in the employment relationship and to enforce them if necessary. In doing so, however, you must consider how much conflict you personally can endure. In addition, you do not want additional tensions to arise in the employment relationship by safeguarding your interests. In this area of ​​tension, it is important for us to find solutions that do justice to your interests as an employee.

Employment law advice for employers

The aforementioned problem areas are not always easy to deal with, even for employers. Rather, employers are sometimes confronted with difficult questions and issues that need to be settled, some of which also involve the risk of greater financial burdens. The timely examination of suitable procedures by an experienced lawyer in order to keep such risks within calculable limits is therefore essential.

In particular, the drafting of employment contracts is an important issue for employers. Many risks in the design can be excluded or at least minimized with a specialist lawyer for labor law. Last but not least, it is important for employers to check to what extent employment contracts can be terminated fairly and legally, e.g. through termination agreements. In this way, they can often avoid litigation before the labor court.

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