The recognition process

A judgment handed down in Germany cannot easily be enforced abroad. In order to achieve enforceability abroad, a full recognition procedure must be carried out in the respective country. For the implementation of such recognition procedures - especially in Turkey - we are your right contact.

Recognition of a divorce abroad

In principle, a divorce only has effect in the country in which it was carried out. The individual countries are therefore not bound by the judgments of other countries. In order for the German divorce to be recognized abroad, a recognition procedure must be carried out.

Course of the recognition procedure
in divorce matters

If both parties authorize us for the recognition procedure, the procedure is usually completed after 4 weeks and the necessary entries in the civil status register are corrected.

If only one party authorizes us, the procedure takes much longer, since the delivery to Germany has to take place via the consulate.

We are your on-site contact during the recognition process. You send us all the necessary documents, we check them for completeness and then forward them to our partner law firms in Turkey. During the recognition process, we monitor the process and inform you regularly about the current status of the process. You do not have to travel to Turkey for this and therefore do not have to appear in court.

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Uncomplicated advice and dedicated representation in recognition procedures.